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Signagelive Support available over the Christmas and New Year holiday 2020/21

Signagelive will be available to support you should you need to contact us over the Christmas and New Year holiday period.

Signagelive for ScreenBeam brings enterprise class Digital Signage to your meeting room [+VIDEO]

Signagelive using ScreenBeam brings enterprise class digital signage to your meeting room making it a great way to communicate with your staff.
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How do I make sure I’m getting cost effective Digital Signage?

Find out how to ensure you are getting good value for money on your digital signage investment.
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Is Digital Signage more expensive than traditional Print Media? Let’s explore the facts

One of the most frequently asked questions we hear is “How expensive is digital signage?”
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Commercial Display vs Consumer TV for Digital Signage – which is best?

How do I choose the best display for my digital signage? Find out why you should purchase a commercial display rather than a consumer TV.
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‘Retail fighting back’ – What edge do experiences give?[+VIDEO]

It is now more important than ever that retailers focus on creating experiences for better-informed shoppers as they compete with e-commerce.
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How do I get Digital Signage for my Shop or Restaurant?

When Nielsen tracked 120 grocers who use digital signage in their stores, they found that 80% of them saw as much as a 33% boost in sales (compared to using print signs).
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What will going back to work look like and how will Digital Signage be used? [+VIDEO]

As European countries come out of lockdown restrictions many businesses will need to consider a safe working environment for their employees.
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Who are leading the path of Content Management Systems and reliable Media Players?

Dylan Holtzhausen from Amped Digital explains how they have grown their digital signage business exponentially in partnership with Signagelive.
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How do I create a user that needs Approval to upload content to my Digital Signage? [+VIDEO]

If you manage a digital signage network (or plan to implement one) and your users are limited to what they should be managing, read on to understand what approvals could do for you. 
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Why should I consider Digital Signage in my School? Let’s explore the benefits

When considering Digital Signage for your School, College or University the initial question you should ask yourself is who is the audience & what is the message?

Can I update my digital menu boards using a spreadsheet? Yes, let us show you how [+VIDEO]

When managing a digital menu board for your restaurant or QSR, time is of the essence!